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Company Brief

    Shanghai XinHeng Real Estate Appraisal Co., LTD was founded in May, 1998. It is now the permanent member of China Institute of Real Estate Appraisers and Agents, the member of China Real Estate Valuers Association, the permanent member and Vice president organization of Shanghai Real Estate Appraisers Association, the member of Shanghai Engineering Consulting Industry Association and the member of Shanghai Consulting Trade Association, which is one of the earliest companies that have got the first class national level qualified real estate appraisal company certification and qualification of nationwide real estate appraisal certification at the same time in Shanghai, and also partners with dozens of domestic and foreign banks, insurance agencies, assets management companies, and conglomerates. It is the selected real estate appraisal company by judicial expertise of Shanghai High People's Court.

    Shanghai XinHeng is “excellent corporation of real estate appraisal industry” in Shanghai, five consecutive terms of Shanghai creditworthy consultancy since 2005 and seven consecutive terms of A-class land appraisal organization since the first selection in 2007. We have a group of licensed real estate appraisers, land valuers, asset appraisers, cost engineers, insurance assessors, real estate agents, property rights trading agent, lawyers, consulting engineers, Shanghai registered consultants and various kinds of professional talents with excellent comprehensive qualities, exquisite professional skills, and rich working experience. We also have good partnership with some experts and scholars from research institutions and universities, supported by strong technique and theory. Our business scope involves all fields of social economic activities related to real estate. Since its establishment in 1998 through to the end of 2014, our company has achieved 107,559 different kinds of business projects accumulatively, and has evaluated the land area of 230.6 millions square meters in total and the construction area of 236.5 millions square meters in total, of which the evaluation values 2.2042 trillion Yuan in total.



    Our company will adhere to the enterprise spirit of dedication, superior, truth and innovation, and persist in honesty and standardization, to provide the first class professional services of real estate appraisals and consulting to all sectors of society, with the supreme professional services, years of accumulated rich work experience and information resources, scientific internal managerial system and quality control system, diligent and dedicated professional teams, and advanced technical supporting appliances.