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   - First-class national level qualified real estate appraisal company

   - Qualification of nationwide real estate appraisal

   - Selected real estate appraisal company by judicial expertise of Shanghai High People's Court

   - Shanghai Municipal Planning and Land & Resources Administration “certificated access to real estate appraisal organization”

   - Shanghai Municipal Housing Security and Housing Authority “recommended organization for real estate appraisal of affordable housing and low-rent housing”

   Partnership with dozens of domestic and foreign banks, insurance agencies, assets management companies, and conglomerates.



Industry position and honor 

   - Permanent member of China Institute of Real Estate Appraisers and Agents

   - Group member of China Real Estate Valuers Association

   - Permanent member and Vice president organization of Shanghai Real Estate Appraisers Association

   - Permanent member of Shanghai Land Valuers Association

   - Member of Shanghai Consulting Trade Association

   - Five consecutive terms of Shanghai creditworthy consultancy since 2005

   - Seven consecutive terms of A-class land appraisal organization since the first selection in 2007

   - Three consecutive terms of excellent corporation of Shanghai real estate appraisal industry since the first selection in 2007

   - High integrity corporation among the activities of “recognition of honor and disgrace, awareness of good manners; welcoming Expo, building up integrity” in Shanghai