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Corporate Culture

   The core concept of corporation culture, which is composed of value, code of conduct, the philosophy of corporation operation and management, operation principle, and corporation spirit, is the sum of all the ideas and thoughts that are combined from production and operation, of which the core connotation is the value of corporation. 

   XinHeng gradually formed unique values, code of conduct, operation style, corporation spirit, ethics, goals of development and etc, which are recognized by all the staff, through decades of development, and has created special corporation culture of XinHeng.

    Philosophy and Spirit


   Service first, Quality first, Marketing first
   The managerial philosophy combined with
   human-based, Standardization, Informatization
   Honesty-oriented, advance-with-times
   corporation spirit


  Office Environment
   United team, understanding and supporting
   Harmonious atmosphere, tolerant and generous
   Equal status, work together friendly
   Intense work, seek for improvement