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 History of XinHeng


       In 1995, ICBC Shanghai branch founded “Shanghai YinXin Assets Appraisal Firm ” through Shanghai Economy Information Consulting Co., LTD.

      In 1998, approved by Shanghai Housing and Land Administration Bureau, “Shanghai XinHeng Real Estate Appraisal Consulting Co., LTD”, which separated from Shanghai YinXin Assets Appraisal Firm, was established to engage in real estate appraisal consulting business.

      In 2000, according to relevant national regulations, Shanghai XinHeng Real Estate Appraisal Consulting Co., LTD overall reformed and renamed as “Shanghai XinHeng Real Estate Appraisal Co., LTD”, meanwhile our company acquired A-class certification of Shanghai real estate appraisal.

      In 2003, our company acquired first class certification of real estate appraisal and qualification of nationwide land appraisal.